How Much Will Surrogacy Cost in Varanasi in 2024?

Surrogacy is known as a process that often helps in bringing love, joy, and bliss to someone’s life. Yet, when it comes to planning this much-anticipated journey, most people and couples get concerned regarding the cost aspect. Moreover, in a city like Varanasi, the cost of living is usually lower than in a metro city like Delhi. So, we can say that the surrogacy cost in Varanasi may become a decisive factor for a lot of couples and individuals while taking the first step in the same direction.

On the other hand, the process and cost of various goods and services have increased in the past year. Hence, many people are concerned regarding the cost of surrogacy treatment in Varanasi in the year 2024. Now, we cannot estimate that exact cost as that would depend on a list of factors. Still, for your reference, we can offer a rough estimate in the following blog while keeping the key aspects and elements into consideration.

What factors influence the surrogacy cost in Varanasi?

The cost of surrogacy is impacted by more than one factor. So, as a couple or individual thinking of pursuing surrogacy or IVF treatment in Varanasi, they have to consider all these factors beforehand.

  • Cost incurred towards medical procedures

No matter if you are pursuing surrogacy at a random clinic or an agency in Varanasi, you surely won’t like to compromise on the quality of the medical care. That said, you have to spend the specified amount on these medical services without a second thought. Also, the biggest chunk of the surrogacy cost in Varanasi regularly goes towards these medical procedures.

 Moreover, this may include costs incurred towards fertility medications like In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), pre-birth care, delivery charges, and any other medical costs caused amid the pregnancy. Also, in Varanasi, the cost of these methods has seen a continuous increment, adjusting with the progressions in medical science across various parts of the world.

  • Money paid to the surrogate mother

There is no denying the fact that the surrogate mother is surely the most important person in the entire surrogacy journey. So, when it comes to making the payment towards the surrogate cost, you have to consider her efforts and investment in the same direction.

Also, the cost of the surrogate mother can be decided based on the points and clauses mentioned in the agreement. Moreover, she may be paid for other aspects like loss of income or health insurance. At the same time, the intended parents can pay the surrogate some extra amount given her critical role in the surrogacy treatment in Varanasi.

  • Expenses towards the legal cost

You cannot finish up with a successful surrogacy program without adhering to the provided laws and regulations. That said, there comes a cost to taking care of all such legal aspects in the surrogacy process. Moreover, these legal expenses may also involve costs towards the drafting and finalizing of contracts between the intended parents and the surrogate. In 2024, with surrogacy laws expected to get newer reforms, the intended parents need to have legal representation to explore this complex procedure.

Hence, while medical costs are important, you cannot ignore the legal charges while expecting a successful surrogacy process. Now, what you can do is look for an affordable legal professional who is offering quality legal consultation without breaking the bank.

  • Fees paid to the surrogacy clinic in Varanasi 

There may be a chance that you may not opt to go ahead with a surrogacy agency. Still, with surrogacy including so many procedures and processes, it would be hard for someone to manage it all on their own. That said, if you opt to work with a surrogacy clinic in Varanasi, you have to pay them the desired fees for their services. Moreover, surrogacy agencies in Varanasi offer services like surrogate search and matching, planning medical procedures, and offering the required support and care during the procedure.

Also, a person independently cannot take care of all these services and procedures. Besides, these agencies have a network of other clinics offering high-quality IVF treatment in Varanasi. Hence you need to take the support and assistance of the same agency for one or the other reason.

  • Payment towards insurance and other related costs 

With so many medical procedures included within the surrogacy procedure, the risk of slight complications can come into the picture. This is where the Insurance for the surrogate, covering potential medical complications, comes as a basic aspect. Furthermore, there may well be random costs such as travel costs (in cases where the surrogate lives distant from the clinic), maternity clothing, and other such needs.

How much is the surrogacy cost in Varanasi going to be in 2024?

As we just mentioned some of the key variables in this regard, the cost of surrogacy treatment in Varanasi in 2024 may vary from one clinic to another. As of 2024, you should be ready to spend anything between INR 10,00,000 to INR 20,00,000 for surrogacy. In any case, these figures can change based on specific cases and necessities.

On the other side, the same cost can be broken into the following elements:

  • Roughly 40-50% of the overall cost would go to medical procedures like IVF treatment in Varanasi
  • The surrogate would be paid around 25-30% of the overall cost
  • The legal procedures and fees to the professionals may take 15-20% of the entire surrogacy cost
  • Insurance costs may take 5-10%

What factors can impact these costs?

  • The cost can be impacted by the overall success record of the surrogacy clinic or IVF hospital in Varanasi
  • You may come across situations where the experienced surrogate is charging higher than the new ones
  • In case there is a random unanticipated medical complication, the costs of surrogacy can increase
  • There may be a chance where numerous IVF cycles are required, eventually increasing the cost of surrogacy

How to efficiently plan for the cost of surrogacy?

You can follow the below tips to efficiently plan the cost aspect:

Ask for quotes from multiple clinics: look out for multiple quotes from various clinics and agencies for better deals.

Stay prepared with provisions: Unforeseen costs can come over from nowhere so you must put some provisions in place for the same reasons

Look for funding options: A few clinics offer financing plans or monetary guidance to let you manage your funds. Apart from these, you must always check in case your existing insurance provider covers any part of the surrogacy process. On the other hand, you must invest in a good legal counselor who specializes in surrogacy law to avoid any future legal hassles. At the same time, keep in mind that surrogacy isn’t just a monetary transaction. So, look for the bliss and joy you are getting from the entire procedure.

Final words

Getting started with surrogacy in Varanasi in 2024 may be a critical choice that requires mindful financial planning. That said, understanding the different cost components, preparing for possibilities, and choosing the proper experts to support may make this journey smoother and more satisfying. Moreover, keep in mind, that each surrogacy journey is interesting, and whereas the costs can be significant, the joy of welcoming a new life is invaluable.

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