Mini IVF in Varanasi, India

Mini IVF in Varanasi

Mini IVF in Varanasi India is as same as conventional IVF in the process and treatments. Under IVF, fertility drugs is been given to the female same as in Mini IVF but the fewer fertility drugs compare to IVF, which is why it’s Mini IVF. Sedatives given under this process produce fewer eggs and hence the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome gets decreased.

Mini IVF consumes fewer drugs in the process and sometimes it also happens that no drugs are used so the cost incurred in the process is low compared to other programs.

Who Can Opt for Mini IVF in Varanasi?

Mini IVF (IVF lite) would be a better option for those who:

  • Are under 35 Age
  • Have tubal factor infertility
  • Do not have male factor infertility
  • Have fear of needles. (Fewer Injections for Fewer Fertility Drugs!)
  • Have PCOS and are at risk of developing OHSS
  • Are going to start their cancer treatment or the fertility drug could harm the person regarding their cancer?
  • Are doing IVF to preserve their fertility before treatment.
  • Have low ovarian reserves. With low ovarian reserves, high doses of fertility drugs are unlikely to produce a high quantity of eggs. The money spent on those drugs may be wasted.
  • You want low-budget IVF (As Mini-IVF is less expensive compared to other IVF programs).
  • Wants to try Mini IVF treatment back to back and is in rush for somewhere else.

Couples can also choose IVF treatment in Varanasi in case they want to avoid the IUI treatment risk. Under IUI treatment in Varanasi doctor can’t decide how many eggs may fertilize, while in Mini IVF you or the doctor can decide to transfer one or more than one embryos.

Benefits of IVF lite in Varanasi

IVF lite in Varanasi

Many couples choose Mini-IVF as this is the budgeted option to have a pregnancy and conceive a child. But there are also other numbers of benefits of choosing this option:

  • Lower Drug Dosages
  • Less Possibility of drug reactions, including OHSS
  • Few Clinic visits, Ultrasounds, and blood tests
  • Less likely to require anesthesia for Egg Retrieval
  • Have fewer chances that leftover embryos get freeze
  • Fewer Chances of multiple pregnancies (twins or more)

The mini-IVF process is also the same as the normal IVF process but the time taken under the process is less compared to the normal IVF.

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