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Egg Donation in Varanasi is the process where the contribution from a third party plays a very important role in making pregnancy possible. Egg Donation is one such section that can help couples conceive during their IVF treatment in Varanasi.

The process is usually done when the women are unable to conceive due to infertility issues, difficulty in infertility or had recent surgery, or any issue related to the quality and quantity of eggs in her ovaries. During the whole process, a woman can face certain issues and hurdles in her pregnancy.

What to Expect from the Process?

Specialists at our New Life will conduct an intensive selection process before hiring a suitable egg donor and will carefully run through the legal procedures to ensure a safe egg donor in Varanasi, India. Before the procedure starts Donor has been given some medications to stop their normal menstrual cycle.

Further, this medication also causes some side effects that might include:

  • Hot Flashes
  • Headache
  • Body Aches
  • Fatigue

The Donor will be given some fertility drugs that will encourage the ovary to produce multiple eggs at once and the process is called hyperstimulation. Some women might experience a few side effects such as marks at the injection site, mood swings, and tender breasts. In very few cases, a woman may develop severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). This usually occurs when women produce too many eggs at once. Women who develop OHSS may require hospitalization.

Further before the retrieval of the eggs, the donor will be given a final injection in preparation for the procedure. Then the procedure starts and our doctors will perform transvaginal ovarian to remove the eggs from the ovary of the donor. The procedure will be processed by inserting a probe into the vagina and using a needle to remove the eggs from the follicles.

After the donation, some donors recover fast and are back to their normal curriculum while some donors take 3-4 days to back to normal activities.

Egg Donor Screening

New Life Hospital offers a proper analysis to reduce the risk possibilities of the donor process and to avoid other complications that might arise. The Food and Drug Administration authority has decided few norms for the eligibility of an egg donor to help fertility clinics. Our egg donor screening process involves the following steps:

  • Application by donor
  • Interview for some minor details, by telephone or in-person
  • Physical examination at the center
  • Blood tests to ensure a safe and secure process for you and the intended couple
  • Drug tests to confirm nil consumption on your side
  • Ultrasound, to examine the reproductive organs
  • Medical and Psychological history — to discover donor and family health history
  • Infectious Disease Screening – To avoid further complications
  • Screening for Inherited Disease

Egg Donor Services in Varanasi!

We are the best Egg Donation in Varanasi working hard and effectively to provide you with a safe donor process with every updated ART technology in use. We have got the most qualified egg donors and surrogates in our IVF clinic in Varanasi database. If you’re looking for a surrogate mother, IVF Egg donor, egg donor, frozen embryos, egg Freezing in India, and everything else, we are here to help you out with every egg program required.

egg donation services in varanasi

In case you want to be a donor with us then you can simply fill query form or contact our staff and the rest you can leave to us, our professional will contact you as soon as possible. We further give you all other advancements in the technology that will assist you during the entire procedure. If you’re looking for egg donation services in Varanasi, consider New Life Clinic. Our clinic offers comprehensive Donor egg services in Varanasi to help couples struggling with infertility. Contact us today to learn more.

Speaking of intended parents, before introducing any egg donor agency in Varanasi to our program, we conduct a proper screening and analysis to ensure a safe and healthy procedure is followed for favorable outcomes. We have a tie-up with the most trustworthy and qualified egg donors. We also give you the freedom to remove yourself from the process at any time you like and not go further.

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What are the advantages of Egg donor IVF?

With the evolution of ART methods across India and the world, the egg donation services in Varanasi are opening new entryways for many people and couples dreaming of starting a family. Moreover, this ART innovation can come up with numerous advantages for the following:

Couples with infertility Issues

Infertility is a major concern these days. Moreover, one of the key recipients of egg donation via the egg donation doctors in Varanasi is the couples who battle with random infertility issues. Many times, infertility can be followed back to issues with the quality or amount of a woman’s eggs. Also, this may be due to a range of variables, including age, medical conditions, or hereditary issues. Besides, for these couples, utilizing eggs from a donor can essentially increase their chances of successful conception and pregnancy.

Women dealing with premature ovarian failure

Women who encounter premature ovarian failure, a condition where the ovaries stop functioning normally sometime before the age of 40, frequently find it challenging to conceive utilizing their own eggs. Moreover, egg donation via random egg donor agencies in India offers a practical alternative for these women to attain pregnancy and carry a child to term.

Aged women looking for Pregnancy

As women age, the quality and number of their eggs frequently diminish, which can lead to difficulties in conceiving. Moreover, women over the age of 35, and especially those over 40, can incredibly benefit from the services of our egg donation doctors in Varanasi. Moreover, by utilizing eggs from more young donors, they have the next chance of accomplishing a fruitful pregnancy.

People with genetic issues

For people or couples who are carriers of certain hereditary issues, the chance of passing these on to their children can be a noteworthy concern. That said, Egg donation can be an alternative, as they can select donors who have been screened and are free from the particular hereditary issue, decreasing the risk of the child acquiring it.

Single People and Same-Sex Couples

Egg donation from various egg donor agencies in India can also amplify conceivable results for single people and same-sex couples who wish to have their biological children. In such cases, egg donor IVF can be combined with sperm donation for single women or female couples, or a gestational carrier for male couples, allowing them to experience the delights of parenthood.

Women who Have Experienced Premature deliveries

Also, women who have had different premature deliveries may battle with issues related to egg quality. For them, utilizing donor eggs can increase the probability of a successful pregnancy, as the donor eggs are ordinarily from more young ladies with no known fertility issues.

The key advantages of seeking Egg donor services in Varanasi

As the most sought-after IVF hospital in Varanasi, we can help with your entire egg donor IVF related needs of yours. Moreover, we can connect you with some of the finest and properly screened pools of egg donors that can help you reach your parenthood goals in the desired manner.