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For many years, New Life Hospital has assisted all childless couples in fulfilling their desire to become parents and adding a child to their family. We are the best IVF clinic in Varanasi, India, accepting responsibility for all couples who are trying to conceive and working hard to assist them in every way possible with our 360-degree service coverage.

As an expert in the IVF and Surrogacy fields, the IVF center in India is committed to providing you with world-class facilities and care at an affordable cost, as well as excellent emotional support. This is how, throughout our 25-year surrogacy adventure, we have assisted 10,000 families in becoming parents.

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Why choose us

If you’re a couple struggling to conceive and need a medical assessment, then leave the rest to us. We have been treating couples for the last 25 years, and we take pride in our team of fertility experts for delivering the best-in-class medical treatments.

We are dedicated to helping couples grasp their dream of having a healthy and safe child.

  • We have delivered 10,000 successful treatments in IVF and IUI services in our surrogacy journey till now and are still counting. We have a female gynaecologist surgeon in Varanasi.
  • We are the first center offering both male and female infertility solutions, including egg retrieval or low sperm count.
  • The first center in the Eastern UP for sperm banking and egg freezing. We do social egg freezing and also for cancer patients. We have a unique facility for testicular tissue and embryo cryofreezing.
  • The first Gynae Laparoscopy training center in eastern UP.
  • Advanced gynae laparoscopy in Varanasi and hystero laparoscopy hospital in Varanasi. We offer a complete solution for Gynae endoscopies like surgeries for fibroids, fertility-enhancing surgeries, endometriosis and prolapse uterus, ovarian tumors, surgeries for fibroids, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, prolapse uterus, vault suspension, and urogynecological surgeries.
  • A center for comprehensive women’s care under one roof.
  • A concentrated newborn care facility.
  • Honored by Nagar Nigam in Swachh Sarveksham 2021.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the best consultation while you’re searching for the best ethical IVF and surrogacy program in Varanasi. We further strive to provide you with the most ethical yet affordable surrogacy services with a qualified, skilled team of surrogacy experts and the best female gynaecologist in Varanasi at our center.

Advantages of New Life Surrogacy Consulting Services

  • Safe, secure, and affordable surrogacy option.
  • Complete Surrogacy Consultation so you make informed choices.
  • Same-sex legal surrogacy options.
  • Guaranteed Surrogacy Plan for gay and hetero couples with 100% assurance of baby.
  • Low-cost surrogacy with no hidden cost.
  • Comprehensive – start till end support 24*7.

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What makes us different

We pride ourselves in having comprehensive woman care and fertility treatment under one roof. We have many firsts in the field of Gynae and Obstetric front having the best female gynaecologist in Varanasi.

People come to us with a dream to build a family and conceive a child. We are here to support them at all parts thus our team is filled with skilled staff, experienced doctors, and cooperative nurses who strive to treat you comfortably. The ambiance and environment of the clinics are structured to be comforting and calming.

We believe in staying transparent to our patients regarding the services they are going to enter into so we should stay aware of the conditions and experiences they’ll face. We have a precisely exclusive patient witness system, where you can observe and be comfortable, with how our embryologist is handling the individual sample with extreme care and accuracy.

This assurance of transparency at our IVF treatment in Varanasi will help you be ready for all probable answers and outcomes. Your journey has been one of hope, and you will have the confidence to accept the result.

We realize that fertility treatment is stressful, and our staff go above and beyond to make sure that your experience is both stress-free and successful. The focus is always on you as the patient, and by identifying what makes your case unique, we achieve superior results.

New Life Hospital Advanced Fertility Center

At New Life Advanced Fertility Center, we facilitate you to make the proper choices and be confident that everything possible is going to be done to the best possible standards. Here, you may get pleasure from a wealth of data and unrivaled experience that our fertility specialists gain through research and their time in the surrogacy field. Not only that, we use our skills to achieve a real understanding of your individual situation and share our knowledge with you in an exceedingly meaningful way.

We believe that each patient is an individual, and per se, their care should be individual. Instead of following standard, rigid protocols supported by age or medical record alone, we are sure to watch the patient intensively, using blood tests and scans, to pick up the slightest changes that can impact the selection of medicines and timing of treatment.