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IVF New Life Hospital is in continuous efforts to cure the different surfaces of women’s health and fertility well-being with advanced fertility techniques and treatments.

We are the best IVF clinic in Varanasi, recognized for affordable, high-quality fertility services for IVF treatment in Varanasi, gynaecological endoscopy,high-risk pregnancy treatment, and psychiatry with a team of medical experts augmented with rich medical experience. We are a team of experts who are committed to treating patients and not just providing services. New Life Hospital is the best IVF center in Varanasi and the destination for the couple’s dream come true of having a baby and building a family safely.

IVF clinic in Varanasi

IVF in Varanasi

If you’re a couple struggling to conceive and need a medical assessment, then leave the rest to us. We have been treating couples for the last 25 years and take pride in our team of fertility experts for delivering the best-in-class medical treatments. You can contact our laparoscopic surgeon hospital in Varanasi and gynaecologist doctor in Varanasi for gynae laparoscopy training courses and Hystero laparoscopy treatment cost in India at hystero laparoscopy clinic in India.

As a leading IVF clinic in India and we are dedicated to helping couples grasp their dream of having a healthy and safe child.

  • Our IVF clinic in Varanasi has delivered 10,000 successful babies through IVF and surrogacy treatment in Varanasi, India and globally till now and is still counting.
  • We are the first IVF center in Varanasi, India offering both male and female infertility solutions, including egg retrieval or low sperm count.
  • The first IVF clinics in UP for sperm banking and egg freezing We do social egg freezing and also for cancer patients. We have a unique facility for testicular tissue and embryo cryofreezing.
  • The first Gynae Laparoscopy training center in eastern UP.
  • Advanced gynae laparoscopy in Varanasi and hysteroscopy laparoscopy treatment in Varanasi center. We offer a complete solution for Gynae endoscopies like surgeries for fibroids, fertility-enhancing surgeries, endometriosis and prolapse uterus, ovarian tumours, surgeries for fibroids, ectopic pregnancy, endometriosis, prolapse uterus, vault suspension, and urogynaecological surgeries.
  • Center for comprehensive women’s care under one roof
  • A concentrated newborn care facility.
  • Honoured by Nagar Nigam in Swachh Sarveksham 2021


NewLife Maternity

In our long journey of surrogacy, we have seen many emotions a mother carries with her pregnancy so our way of paying her respect is to treat her right and best to all the efforts she makes to bring the little life to the world is the non-measurable feeling we have experienced.

NewLife Fertility and IVF

We are experienced professionals providing the best in class fertility treatments to our patients from tick to stack, from pregnancy to child of birth with all the medical care and facilities through the use of advanced medical equipment.

NewLife Gynae Endoscopy

We use advanced instruments for laparoscopy and hysteroscopy for infertility and other gynecological conditions.

Gynecology and Feminine Rejuvanation

Talk to us about your rejuvenation before seeking out this procedure as we believe in ensuring your safety while undergoing the process to meet proper care and solution suits you the best.

Mental Health & Well Being

We have inhouse mental health experts who take care of you throughout the surrogacy process and support you in every aspect of surrogacy for the better well being of you and your baby.

Transvaginal Ultrasound and Color Doppler

Every problem requires a pre-preparation and the quick ultrasound facilities do that for us, which is carefully done by our doctors with advanced medical technologies.

Wide range of
Fertility treatments we offer at New Life Hospital

Established in 1996 in Varanasi, the New Life Hospital has since pioneered many of the routine techniques to treat fertility today. Our experienced consultants and nursing staff will help you understand fertility issues in depth and guide you towards the best solution. We provides IVF clinics Varanasi, UP and it is one of the top IVF Centers in Varanasi and surrogacy clinic in Varanasi, Baragaon, Chunar, Chandauli, Kachhwa, Ahraura, Chakia, Bhadohi, India. We accomplish the best IVF clinics in India in ART treatment, gyanae laparoscopy in Varanasi, best female gynaecologist in Varanasi, and give the most pleasant journey throughout the course of medication. As a leading IVF clinic UP, IVF hospital in Varanasi, infertility clinics in Varanasi, IVF doctors in Varanasi We cover all 360 degrees of surrogacy services, including Join our IVF training in Varanasi at New Life Hospital to master the latest IVF techniques. Get certified and become part of an elite community of IVF specialists. Start your journey in IVF today. Our team of IVF doctors in Varanasi at New Life Hospital has extensive experience treating infertility through IVF. Our personalized approach ensures that we provide individualized care for each patient, tailored to their unique needs. We are committed to helping couples achieve their dream of parenthood.

IVF Treatment

IVF is one of the most effective fertility treatments in ART technology and is best performed at our IVF center in Varanasi providing a high success rate. During this method, embryos are created outside by combining a couple’s eggs and sperm. This is the finest treatment to get rid of the childlessness tag. Contact our Best IVF clinic in Varanasi, India.

Surrogacy Services

Surrogacy is the end-up solution to get rid of infertility issues. This service is best for those women, who have been facing recurrent miscarriage, had a hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), or have carrier priorities or any reason to not able to conceive. We come up with the best surrogates and matchless surrogacy services. We have the best gynecologist in India.

IUI Treatment

IUI or AI (artificial insemination) is a relatively simple fertility treatment, where the medical experts take the eggs out and match them with the sperm in a lab. The Fertility solution works well and with the help of healthy sperm, a lady gets pregnant. Contact to our gynaecology hospital in India.

ICSI/IMSI Treatment

ICSI is an advanced form of fertilization process and is associated to treat male fertility issues. During this method of ART, a single and motile sperm is directly injected into the egg. This step is always carried out with IVF treatment. We are proud to be the best gynaecologist laparoscopic surgeon in India.

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