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As a leading IVF clinic in Varanasi, we at New Life Hospital are here to make your parenthood dreams turn into a beautiful reality. While we work with the core motive of offering you cutting edge IVF in Varanasi, we further make sure of delivering these services in a personalized way, right as per your needs and expectations.


There are many aspects that make us the topmost IVF center in Varanasi. Over the past 25 years, we have helped and supported numerous child-seeking couples and individuals around the world. IVF New Life uses state-of-the-art fertility techniques and treatments to address a wide range of reproductive health issues, making it a leader in improving women’s health and fertility well-being. Being one of the leading IVF clinics in UP, India, we are praised for our dedication to offering top-notch fertility treatments and associated services.

Our team of the best IVF doctors in Varanasi is committed to bringing a wealth of experience to your respective fertility journey. At New Life Hospital, we aim to provide our patients with top-notch IVF treatment in Varanasi that goes above and beyond a simple fertility treatment. So, you will always find us by your side at every step of your fertility journey at the best IVF hospital in Varanasi.

IVF clinic in Varanasi

We are not just any other IVF clinic in India and will leave no stone unturned in offering you world-class treatment, care, and support. We will be there for you at every stage if you and your partner are having trouble getting pregnant and need a thorough medical evaluation. Well, this is not it and our team at the IVF clinic in Varanasi has 25 years of experience and is well-known for offering the highest quality of medical care in the field of infertility. For specialized training courses in gynae laparoscopy and to find out about the costs of hystero laparoscopy in Varanasi, we cordially invite you to contact our renowned laparoscopic surgeon hospital in Varanasi and speak with our knowledgeable gynecologist doctor in Varanasi.

IVF Center in Varanasi

IVF in Varanasi

IVF hospitals in Varanasi

Key Aspects of Our Offerings:

  • Experienced Fertility Doctors: With 25 years of combined experience, our team of committed IVF doctors in Varanasi has helped many couples realize their goal of becoming parents.
  • Extensive Treatment Options: Providing a variety of services, including gynecological laparoscopy, hystero laparoscopy, while being the best IVF hospital in Varanasi.
  • Pioneering Services in Varanasi: We are the first and the best IVF center in Varanasi to provide treatments for low sperm count and egg retrieval, as well as male and female infertility treatment solutions.
  • Sperm Banking and Egg Freezing: Our clinic is renowned for being the first in UP to offer these services. We serve a wide range of clients, including those with cancer patients, and offer social egg freezing as well.
  • Specialized Cryopreservation Facility: Our ability to cryopreserve testicular tissue and embryos is improved by our unique cryopreservation facility.
  • Gyne Laparoscopy Training Center: Dedicated to providing advanced gyne laparoscopy and hysteroscopy laparoscopy treatments at our IVF center, we are proud to be the first in eastern Uttar Pradesh.
  • Women’s Holistic Care: A one-stop shop offering complete women’s healthcare, including a variety of gynecological endoscopies and surgeries at our clinics.
  • Specialized Newborn Care Facility: Dedicated to your baby’s health from the beginning, we offer personalized newborn care.
  • Acknowledgment for Excellence: Nagar Nigam in the Swachh Survekshan 2021 recognized our dedication to excellence and patient care.
  • Delivering Dreams: Our IVF clinic UP has assisted more families in growing by successfully delivering 10,000 babies through IVF in Varanasi and surrogacy procedures, both in India and internationally.


NewLife Maternity

As the most sought-after IVF center in Varanasi, we have had the honor of witnessing the deep emotions and commitment of intended mothers. This is where we make our best efforts to treat them with the utmost respect and care in recognition of their amazing journey. Their incredible effort to introduce a new life into the world inspires in us an immense feeling of wonder and appreciation.

NewLife Fertility and IVF

We are recognized as the finest IVF clinic in Varanasi that makes all the right efforts in providing the end to end top class fertility treatments, from pregnancy to child delivery with all state-of-the-art medical care and facilities through the use of advanced medical equipment. So, you will get all the required services under one roof with the best IVF hospitals in Varanasi, India.

NewLife Gynae Endoscopy

At New Life Hospitals, it’s not just about the top-of-the-line IVF treatment and related services and we have further proved our prowess in the cutting-edge Gyanae Endoscopy services for your respective medical complications. We further bring into use the latest technology and equipment for laparoscopy and hysteroscopy for infertility and other gynecological conditions.

Gynecology and Feminine Rejuvanation

New Life Hospital is also recognized as the leading destination in the Varanasi for Gynecology and Feminine Rejuvenation. Talk to us about your rejuvenation before seeking out this procedure as we believe in ensuring your safety while undergoing the process. Moreover, our professionals are there to help you during every step of the procedure.

Mental Health & Well Being Person

Your mental health and wellbeing are as important as your physical health and wellbeing during any given treatment process. We have in-house mental health experts who take care of you throughout the surrogacy process and support you in every aspect of surrogacy for the better well-being of you and your future child.

Transvaginal Ultrasound and Color Doppler

New Life hospitals are known for using state-of-the-art medical infrastructure to support your fertility journey in the right manner possible. This is where we brought in the most advanced transvaginal ultrasound and Color Doppler services to diagnose your infertility issues in the easiest and simpler manner.

Wide range of Fertility treatments we offer at New Life Hospital

At IVF New Life in Varanasi, we offer a myriad of fertility treatments and related services to best serve your respective fertility concerns and issues. New Life Hospital was founded in Varanasi in 1996 and has been at the forefront of fertility treatment and laparoscopic surgery in Varanasi ever since. It invented many techniques that are now considered standard in the field. Our skilled team of the best IVF doctors in Varanasi consultants provides comprehensive advice on infertility concerns and helps patients find the best solutions. Acknowledged as one of the leading IVF facilities and surrogacy center in Varanasi and its environs, we specialize in ART procedures, and gynecological laparoscopy, and offer comprehensive care from the most skilled female gynecologists in the area

Our IVF clinics UP is committed to providing comprehensive surrogacy services, including a rewarding journey through the medication regimen. Furthermore, we offer IVF training in Varanasi, enabling the upcoming generation of IVF doctors to become certified and gain access to a select group of people. With their individualized approach and extensive experience treating infertility through In vitro fertilization, our IVF team at New Life Hospital is dedicated to helping numerous couples fulfill their dream of becoming parents at our IVF center.

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    IVF treatment in Varanasi

    IVF Treatment

    There is no denying that IVF treatment in India is one of the most successful fertility treatments available around the world today. While keeping up with its efficacy, we always ensure the right care and precautions at our best IVF clinic in Varanasi. Using this technique, a couple’s eggs and sperm are combined outside in a petri dish to create embryos. Afterwards, the same embryo is then placed within the womb of the intended mother.

    surrogacy treatment in Varanasi

    Surrogacy Services

    If by any chance a couple is not been ale to achieve pregnancy via multiple IVF cycles, surrogacy treatment in Varanasi comes as the perfect alternative. The ideal candidates for this service are women who have experienced repeated miscarriages, have undergone hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), have carrier priorities, or are unable to conceive for any other reason. We provide unparalleled surrogacy services and the best surrogates.

    laparoscopy treatment in Varanasi

    Laparoscopy Treatment

    There are various infertility issues that can be tracked and monitored with an effective laparoscopy treatment in Varanasi. While it is a minimally invasive procedure, it is highly effective in diagnosing a list of infertility issues in women. So, without any pain, you can easily get information regarding any underlying medical complications. Connect with our medical professionals doctors to learn more about this highly advanced laparoscopic treatment services.

    IUI treatment in Varanasi

    IUI Treatment

    For all those couples or individuals that don’t want to opt for IVF at our IVF clinic in India, IUI is the right solution. Artificial insemination, also known as IUI or IVF, is a reasonably straightforward fertility procedure in which a team of medical professionals removes the eggs and uses a lab to match them with sperm. A woman then achieves pregnancy via IUI treatment in Varanasi with the help of healthy sperm once the fertility treatment is successful.

    ICSI and IMSI treatment

    ICSI/IMSI Treatment

    Along with IVF and IUI treatment, there are various other fertility treatment options available around like ICSI and IMSI. ICSI is a sophisticated method of fertilization that is used to address problems with male infertility. A single, motile sperm is injected directly into the egg during this ART technique at the IVF clinics in UP. That way, a woman is been able to achieve pregnancy without any invasive treatment or technique in use.

    egg donor in Varanasi

    Egg Donor Treatment

    There may be a situation when the intended mother cannot use her own eggs to achieve conception via infertility at IVF hospitals in Varanasi. For all such situations, egg donation agencies in India comes as a perfect alternative. At IVF Clinics Varanasi, we have egg donors doctors that can help you achieve your parenthood dreams the right way. So, regardless of your needs, we will make sure that the right egg donor is always available.