10 Step-by-Step Guidance to Become a Surrogate Mother

What is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy comes under infertility treatment where another woman carries the child of an infertile couple. The reason for infertility can be anything and the couple now want a woman to hold their child in her womb. Such women are called surrogate mothers of the baby. As we all know that age, pollution, and bad lifestyle have affected humankind with lots of diseases. Infertility is one of them. Surrogacy, when started in the 1980s, built a way for such couples looking for a complete family. 

Being a surrogate is a very kind deed that transforms someone’s life in a lovely way. Any healthy woman from the age of 20-40 can become a surrogate. However, this is not as easy as it seems. Several factors must be on your checklist before you approach a Surrogacy Center in Varanasi

Below is a step-by-step guide to becoming a surrogate mother. Read them carefully. 

  • Recognize the requirements and qualifications for surrogate mothers

Those women who want to be surrogates and also want to be perfectly suitable for surrogacy have to follow the terms and conditions. Being a surrogate woman, you must be confident emotionally and physically for being an amazing gift for the parents. Suitable requirements are listed which can help surrogate mothers in a healthy & safe way. 

Though rules are different in several countries, you may follow these for surrogacy treatment in Varanasi.

  • Has given birth to a child of her own and is a parent to at least one child at the moment.
  • Has a history of straightforward pregnancies and births, as shown by medical records.
  • You should be between the ages of 21 and 44.
  • Your Body Mass Index (BMI) must not be more than 33. 
  • At the surrogacy center in Varanasi, a surrogate must be able to present identification that is good for at least two years if they are a legal resident or immigrant of the United States.
  • Understand the gestational and conventional surrogacy

There are two kinds of surrogacy: conventional and gestational. You must know about both of these. This information is crucial while investigating surrogacy. 

In conventional surrogacy, the surrogate woman will have a biological link with the child. This makes things emotional & asks for both parties to have warm relationships with each other. 

Gestational surrogacy is complicated and there will be no biological connection between the surrogate mother and the child. This is also costlier than traditional surrogacy. The embryos of the parents are fertilized with the help of an egg or sperm donor. Next, the experts will implant this embryo in the surrogate’s womb having no genetic connection with the child.

  • Get in touch with the Surrogacy treatment in Varanasi

The surrogacy application includes questions related to yourself, your family history, your health, the support system, and other topics. The surrogate intake team is contacted to start the screening process. The experts will discuss stuff about the surrogacy adventure and ask questions about your expectations and health. Help from an experienced surrogate will give you exposure to surrogacy. Your medical history is important to decide whether you’re fit for surrogacy.

  • Find compatible parents

Contacting the preferences of the interested parents for surrogacy. Let’s see what the interested parents search for and how they share and communicate setting their general goals for the trip. Considerations for the intended parent include several things:

  • Am I willing to accept matches with parents from other nations?
  • Do I want to support a same-sex relationship or a heterosexual pair?

Legal compatibility, personality compatibility, attitudes toward abortion and selective reduction are the three key criteria to link a surrogate and intended parents.

  • Complete Legal Contracts & Agreements

Complete all the legal procedures as the Indian Government has guided. Generally, the clinics have their legal team who deals with documentation and help you give legal security.

The contract will help you have a secure pregnancy & delivery. The intended parents will be obliged to take care of you & your needs while you’re pregnant.

  • Comprehensive medical examinations

The clinics will conduct medical exams while contract talks especially about surrogacy. A medical examination, blood testing, probably an ultrasound, and perhaps additional tests are to be expected in order to make sure your body is prepared for surrogacy.

If there is any existing health insurance policy for any surrogacy plan by the interested parents it would help to cover expenses related to pregnancy as a surrogate knowing all the information on surrogacy costs in Varanasi. You won’t ever have to pay for any surrogacy-related medical expenses. The intended couples are responsible for all surrogacy cost in Varanasi.

  • Get ready for the embryo transfer and make your way there

The embryo transfer through medical screening assists your body to get ready for the treatment. The timeline starts for the medicines on the actual day of transfer depending on the doctor and surrogate. Also, you will have to sign a contract that will include all your details, the intended parent’s details, and the compromises between you & them. The clinic may also include its role in that.

  • Pregnancy

Now your pregnancy journey starts. The first test will be for the heartbeat of the baby after embryo transplant which typically occurs six weeks into the pregnancy. A private surrogate social group is a popular place for surrogates to interact with one another, ask questions, and exchange experiences. 

They guarantee that both of you are ready for delivery. In order to keep in touch, provide updates on the journey, and strengthen their bond, the intended parents and surrogates to conduct weekly video chats.

  • Mark Delivery Day

The only thing that will make it different is that the intended parents will be present, eagerly and patiently waiting for the day they get to meet their child. You and the intended parents have worked with the hospital and Journey to prepare a birth plan before the baby is born. 

The hospital is aware that your delivery is a surrogate birth and that the intended parents will be there as a result. The hospital staff’s main responsibility is to make you comfortable and guarantee the smoothest birth possible. 

  • Take care of You

The best part of having a baby delivered for the intended parents, according to many surrogate mothers, is that they can get an early release from the hospital, go home, and take proper rest since they won’t have a newborn to take care of. Resting and relaxing are just what you need to do. Let your body recuperate. Spend some time with your family and kids.


The commercialization of surrogacy is banned in India. So if you’re thinking of it as a legal business, you’re wrong. Though you & the intended parents can make a deal that the Government can count as a personal preference. Once you have delivered the child, you will have to give the child to their parents. Though you must know that the Government has allowed such children to know about their birth mothers once they turn 18. Above we have discussed how you can become a surrogate mother. Follow them and be a reason for someone’s complete family. 

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