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About Us – New Life

NewLife Advance Fertility Center

NewLife Advanced Fertility Center is a specialty center focused on addressing fertility and
conception-related issues in couples planning a family. We are part of NewLife Hospital,
one of the best-known names in quality healthcare, and a name recognized for
affordable, high-quality medical services.

NewLife Advanced Fertility Center

We take a comprehensive approach to treat infertility and our efforts are backed by a team of highly accomplished experts with years of experience, coupled with modern techniques and state-of-the-art technology work to maximize the chances of success in Assisted Reproductive Techniques.

We pursue a vision of enabling childless couples to realize the joy of parenthood and are committed to pushing the limits of innovation helping them achieve their dream.

Dr. Neelam Ohri

Medical Director, NewLife Fertility

Our Expert Doctors

Consultant in Reproductive Medicine, with an experience of over 35 years, especially in PCOS, Recurrent IVF failures and miscarriages, Quality Control and Ethics. Over two decades of experience in field of Reproductive Medicine. Has to her credit, 500+ pregnancies from the various techniques of ART such as IVF, ICSI, Vitrified and Frozen embryo transfer, Egg / Embryo / Sperm Donation and Surrogacy.

Dr. Anil Ohri

Dr. Shrikant Ohri

Dr. Namrata Ray

Dr Nishant Ohri