What are the Reasons for Surrogacy in Varanasi?

When medical conditions discard conception through any other mode – natural or assisted, couples can opt for surrogacy in Varanasi or other parts of India. The most crucial step is that doctor’s recommendation and medical reports are required to submit. Don’t forget to note that foreigner childless couples are not permitted to get this procedure done here. For them, it’ll be better to search for the surrogacy centers in other nations, where it is legally allowed. Only Indian children couples are allowed to get this procedure done if they follow the medical conditions as required. A couple can reap the benefits of this process, in case pregnancy is medically impossible or when the risk of pregnancy is too dangerous for these couples or individuals. Surrogacy is the right option for them – making their dream come true. It is one of the common processes that may require almost one year to complete as it starts from the development of an embryo in the laboratory and then transfers into the ovary of the surrogate. Selection of the surrogate is also tough and may require extra time.

In simple words, you must prove, conclusively that you’re unable to conceive for medical reasons. Some of the medical reasons are here:

  • Pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, or similar other issues relate to pelvic.
  • Uterine conditions like removal or absence or deformity of the uterus.
  • Multiple IVF failures or multiple miscarriages.
  • Heart conditions like cardiomyopathy, renal, epilepsy, or diabetes.

It is a beneficial option for couples, who have tried all possible ways, but couldn’t keep their journey of family growing, continue. In addition, intended mothers, who are unable to carry a child, intended parents who have some genetic defects and don’t want t pass on the child, and couples who want to have a genetic link to their babies, but couldn’t do this through conceiving naturally, can reap benefits of this arrangement that is done step-by-step and in a planned way.

Role of Surrogate to Make the Entire Procedure Successful

A surrogate plays a key role in the entire process as she is the woman of a child or two with a safe medical history. She can be someone from your relation, family, or one whom you know and ready to help you in growing your family. All terms and conditions are required to follow; while getting everything legally will be important to avoid any kind of issue in the future. A surrogate mother should be physically and mentally prepared to continue the journey. She will be under treatment for nine months and even from the beginning of the transferred embryo in an IVF center or surrogacy clinic in Varanasi.

Types of Surrogacy Arrangements

Gestational and traditional are two arrangements. In the first one, a healthy woman is selected after a procedure to get pregnant through embryo transfer. All expenses will be afforded by the intended parents. In traditional surrogacy, the eggs of the surrogate and the sperm of the male partner (from intended parents) are fertilized in the lab for an embryo to transfer. IUI is also a procedure that can be used in such type of process.

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