What are the Major Issues Behind Male Infertility?

Male infertility often takes place in case the sperm have less count or are abnormal in a specific medical sense due to which they don’t reach the eggs; thus they result in the process of fertility that remains incomplete. Here are a few facts to know about fertility that will help you come out of this medical issue earlier before it goes severe.

  • The first crucial point to consider is libido or sexual drive – a person’s intensity and willingness to indulge in sexual intercourse.
  • Some foods and supplements may help increase the sexual drive. They are called Aphrodisiacs.
  • ED (Erectile Dysfunction) or impotence is another factor that may occur in case the male’s reproductive organs are not working at the time of erection.
  • Not to mention sperm count – the crucial part of semen quality – a congregation of sperm cells – the each mm of seme.
  • Sperm motility can be another factor to affect male fertility – the sperm’s ability to reach the egg fast for fertilization and development of an embryo.
  • Sperm motility plays a crucial role that is analyzed by a percentage of motile sperm cells in a sample of semen.
  • Testosterone levels are also a crucial factor – in determining the intensity of fertility in men (some people may face the issue).
  • Infertility may take place due to genetic causes or severe medical conditions.

The most crucial thing is to know about the right options for male infertility treatment in Varanasi that are recommended by professional healthcare experts.

Things to Know About Infertility Treatment in Varanasi or Anywhere Else

Both male and female partners are facing the issues of infertility due to varied known and unknown reasons. Many married couples are found planning to extend their journey to parenthood and after a certain number of months; they find themselves unable to conceive naturally. There are varied reasons – ranging from physical complexities to medical issues to unknown ones that are blocking the ways to a successful journey. In simple words, infertility is a major growing issue that may be due to lifestyle changes that people love to enjoy, some bad habits (smoking, drinking, consuming drugs, and much more), sometimes due to pollution in the environment, and individual stress that is yet another reason behind couples are unable to continue their journey for pregnancy.

Aging is another big factor behind an increasing number of cases of infertility. Before you make a decision to visit a hospital or clinic, or consult with experts for infertility treatment in Varanasi or even anywhere else, it will be better to know about the main issues and how to deal with them naturally or by making some changes in lifestyle.

You can come out of this issue if you focus on the points to increase male sperm count and motility. Healthcare experts can advise you and provide you with some of the best options. In case, the issue is incurable or it may require years to come and you want to become a parent at this age, the best way is to look for some alternatives like a sperm donor as the sperm and eggs are fertilized in the laboratory for the development of the embryo.

From a recognized surrogacy agency in Varanasi that is recommending the best treatment options like surrogacy in Varanasi to growing a family, you can get better treatment options for infertility. Find the right one like New Life Hospital and move on the right track to success. You will surely get success and a better chance to enter the world of parenthood. So, what you are waiting for, visit our IVF hospital in Varanasi and fulfill your desire of parenting.

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