IVF vs. Surrogacy: Which One is more Feasible for Your Parenthood Dreams?

Both IVF and surrogacy have appeared to be one of the most feasible options recently for someone to realize their parenthood dreams. While the former is a part of the latter, the overall cost of surrogacy is also higher than IVF. Still, that depends on the city or country where you are pursuing IVF and surrogacy. For example, if you are pursuing surrogacy treatment in Varanasi, the cost would be much lower than that of surrogacy treatment in Delhi or Mumbai.

On the other side, the same cost of infertility treatment would also be way lower than that of any other city in the country. Now, when we talk about the core reasons for infertility, the inability to conceive may be caused by a variety of factors, including infertility, low sperm count in men, damaged fallopian tubes, and early menopause (in women).

Intended parents must know that if you have already tried to conceive for one year without any significant success, you can choose between surrogacy in Varanasi or IVF. Which one should you choose, though? Well, before making a decision, you need to consider these three things.

How does it function?

When a woman is unable to conceive naturally and there is absolutely no chance that she will become pregnant, she usually opts for surrogacy via a surrogacy agency in Varanasi. Again, one must know that there are two types of surrogacy: Full surrogacy and partial surrogacy.

Partial surrogacy entails the fertilization of the surrogate mother’s egg by the intended father’s sperm. Full surrogacy, on the other side, entails the implantation of the couple’s sperm and eggs into the uterus of the surrogate mother. The woman partner, who is already struggling with random infertility issues, can opt for this type of surrogacy to realize her parenthood dreams.

IVF, on the other hand, helps to treat infertility in one or both partners and enables them to conceive. Besides, in vitro fertilization (IVF) entails the sperm of the intended father fertilizing a woman’s eggs in a laboratory dish. The mature embryo (or fertilized egg) is then placed inside the woman’s uterus for implantation. For couples who want to start a family on their own, this infertility treatment in Varanasi is a good option. Intended parents must also know that as compared to IVF, surrogacy typically has higher pregnancy success rates.

Risks involved during both processes

Multiple births, ectopic pregnancy (miscarriage caused by implantation of the fertilized egg in the fallopian tube rather than the uterus), and birth defects in the child are just a few of the risks associated with surrogacy via a surrogacy agency in Varanasi. In addition, the genes of the surrogate mother may influence the development of the fetus, so extreme caution must be taken when making a selection in the same regard. Concerning the risks of IVF, these include ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (swollen and painful ovaries), multiple births, ectopic pregnancy, and stress.

The legal process involved

In order to be successful, complex legal procedures related to surrogacy must be followed by the intended parents. These procedures include determining eligibility, matching surrogate profiles with intended parents, finding a potential surrogate, and more. Additionally, the cost of a surrogate in India is approximately INR 8, 25,000.

IVF, on the other hand, is simpler to perform and does not entail any such procedures. Moreover, IVF is a much more affordable option because the IVF cost can range from INR 2, 50,000 to INR 4, 50,000 in various cities in India.

Both IVF and Surrogacy can help you to cherish that much-awaited feeling of parenthood. Still, it’s all about making the right selection of the surrogacy clinic or the IVF clinic in Varanasi. Once you have made that selection, you can select the procedure that is most appropriate for you based on these factors.

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