Why Should You Consider Freezing Your Eggs for Life Independence

Humans have a biological clock set in their bodies. As we age, our body degrades very slowly and our body functions start getting interrupted. Note that the biological clock is a major reason for infertility in today’s world. 

Establishing our brand in professional lives indeed takes years and our peak age of fertility passes by. Couples who don’t want to have a child at an early age later regret the decision. Especially women’s bodies, later start showing symptoms affecting their fertility such as low-quality eggs. 

Say no to compromises as the IVF Center in Varanasi has something to the best of your solutions. You can freeze your eggs and get conceived as per your call. 

What is Egg Freezing? 

A woman is born with a finite number of eggs. As she ages, the eggs lose their quality and thus it affects her fertility. It solely depends on a woman when she wants to get pregnant. 

A woman in her 20s or 30s can go NO for a child but wants to have one when she feels right. Professional coordination or personal family planning can be the reasons behind it. Whatever the reason, she can go to preserve her eggs for the future. The process is called Mature Oocyte Cryopreservation

However, this procedure is not as simple as people think it is. Hormone injections are given to a woman for 10 regular days. This procedure helps her ovaries to stimulate and produce multiple healthy eggs instead of just one. Doctors try to harvest at least 10 such eggs. Then these eggs are retrieved through a painless procedure. Eggs are then flash-frozen and kept at ultra-cold temperatures. 

What is the Right Age for Egg Freezing? 

A woman can freeze her eggs at any time from 20 to 40. However as you’re considering late pregnancy, the best time to do this is from 20 to 30. Your hormones are at their peak during this time and your eggs are healthy. 

After the age of 35, the quality starts to degrade, and the chances of a successful pregnancy decrease. The earlier and more eggs are retrieved, the better the chances of conceiving. Often doctors suggest an AMH test to determine the quality & quantity of eggs of patients above 30. 

Why Consider Egg Freezing? 

Your Eggs are Limited: 

Women are born with a fixed number of eggs. As they age this number declines and no eggs are left at the time of their menopause. As they age, the quality of matured eggs also degrades that affects fertility. Women in their 20s have peak fertility- 25% each month that decreases to 15% and 5% for women in their 30s and above 40 years. Egg freezing ensures your pregnancy even after your peak age. 

Eggs Degrade with Age: 

Egg quality refers to the chromosome numbers in an egg. With age, the right number of chromosomes decreases in eggs which put them in abnormal categories. By the time women hit 30, half of their eggs are already abnormal. By the age of 40, only a quarter of the eggs are good for fertilization. 

Although there is no way to test the quality, the common phenomenon shows these relative results very clearly. 

Fulfils Your Life Goals: 

Independent women want today to live freely & on their demands. Some women choose family over career, some do the opposite while some search for a middle ground. Whatever category you fit in, egg freezing can help you start a family in coordination with your life goals.

Your Time is Yours: 

Finding the right person for yourself is a tough task. We suggest you take time to think about it. However as this can take even years, you may not be in your peak years at that time. Later, not to lose the opportunity to become a healthy mother, you should go for egg freezing today. It keeps you assured about your successful pregnancy later which would help you to go on a date for as long as you want. 

Produces Successful Healthy Babies: 

Eggs are more fragile than embryos. Thus it is a difficult procedure to expertise but the IVF center in Varanasi team has both experience and expertise in the subject. We have enough cases of women having a successful pregnancy with their frozen eggs. The eggs are a fine way to ensure your pregnancy as they are healthier even if you have aged. 

Factors to Consider Before Egg Freezing: 

Egg Freezing Cost: 

See it this way- you’re not paying for the egg-freezing process. You are paying for the time that you have bought for yourself to discover life, build your career, or find the right one.

The egg-freezing procedure is costly and can cost up to 10000$ – 20000$ overseas. The procedure of freezing eggs is extremely complicated and needs expertise in ART. 

Searching for anIVF center in India, you should continue with several clinics to find the most suitable budget that gives worthy services. 

A study says that 30-35 years of age is the correct time to freeze your eggs. 


The process asks you to take hormone injections that stimulate your ovaries to produce mature eggs (more than one) to store. The process is quite artificial and indeed comes with unwelcome side effects. 

You may feel Nausea, Vomiting, Headaches, Cramps, Mood Swings, Anxiety, and Depression as side effects. Hormone injections may also cause swelling of ovaries causing pain. 

The Egg-freezing process may also require a few rounds of ultrasound and blood work. 

Has a Rare Risk Factor: 

The transvaginal ultrasound aspiration process requires an aspirational needle. Though the risks are rare, complications can give you some infections, bleeding, and probable damage to the bowel or bladder. That can be dangerous to your health. But this should not be your reason to avoid egg-freezing. 

No Guarantee of Successful Pregnancy: 

Indeed Egg freezing enhances future pregnancy chances. But nothing is a guarantee here. The overall success of egg-freezing is dependent on several factors such as: 

– The quality of your eggs at the time of egg retrieval. 

– Your current age at the time of pregnancy. 

– Survival of eggs through the Thawing process. 

– Percentage of eggs fertilized by sperm. 

Like any complicated medical procedure, the unknowns are high but these must not be your limitations. The benefits of egg-freezing are great and you get a life of your own but don’t take it as a magic tool for your fertility. 


Egg freezing comes with a gift of time but also offers some risks to you. But these risks and side effects must not be your limitation. Women who choose to freeze their eggs want the freedom that they get with the procedure. 

Women come with a fixed number of eggs and they degrade as you age. Freezing eggs will increase your pregnancy chances. It gives hope that you can have everything in your life on your terms. 

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