All about Five Stages of IVF at Recognized Clinics in Varanasi

Infertility is a common problem in Indian and even in different other nations. According to the available records, more than 30% of women aged 20-40 years are suffering from difficulties getting pregnant. However, medical science has witnessed a significant change, and fighting back against the trend with varied medical advancements is working to improve fertility. IVF is one of them – the ground-breaking procedure that has witnessed the birth of more than 8 million babies since the first IVF baby was born in the year 1978.

Being the most advanced and successful reproductive technology that is available today, IVF is a safe procedure to help the eggs and sperm unite and become implanted in the uterus. In recognized IVF clinics in Varanasi and other cities of India, this procedure is done successfully and under the observation of trained professionals. You have to find the right one to get IVF treatments according to the infertility issues you are facing.

The process involves the removal of eggs from a woman’s ovaries, adding sperm to the eggs in the laboratory, and allowing embryos to form and develop in the lab. The last step is to transfer typically a single embryo that is based on the woman’s age and embryo chromosomal testing. The transfer process is done at the time that is optimal for implantation. The possibility of failure cannot be denied. For this, an extra embryo is kept frozen for future chances of having a baby.

IVF typically could be an option to correct the underlying causes of infertility that including:

  • Endometriosis
  • Male Infertility like prior vasectomy
  • Ovulation Problems
  • Ovarian Aging
  • Fallopian Tube Blockage before tubal ligation

Apart from IVF treatments in Varanasi, there are other infertility treatment options with ovulation and medication, artificial or intrauterine insemination (IUI), and surgery that may help.

The entire process takes up to two months to complete the process successfully. Not to mention the success rate of the procedure depends on varied factors like the age of the woman and the reason for infertility. A live birth per egg retrieval occurs approximately 50% of the time in women less than 35 years of age.

There are five key steps that include:

Ovarian Stimulation

No matter, whether you are using your eggs or egg donor, your doctor will prescribe injectable hormones or other medications to stimulate the ovaries to produce several eggs instead of one egg that develops each month. This process will help increase the chances of having at least one viable embryo to use during the IVF procedure. Different fertility medications are recommended to stimulate ovarian follicles.

Egg Retrieval

This is another key step – performed as a clinical-based procedure that needs around 48 hours after the final shot to mature the eggs. Not to mention the timing of the egg retrieval is critical because waiting much longer than the aforementioned timing risks ovulation and the loss of some or all the eggs.

Sperm Collection or Retrieval

Sperm collection and retrieval from a donor or partner is another vital step in the process of IVF treatment in Varanasi. If you are using a partner’s sperm, you will be asked for a semen sample. Donor sperm can also be used.

Fertilization & Embryo Development

Fertilization and embryo development are the most vital steps of the process that is done by mixing healthy sperms and eggs in a lab Petri-dish and leaving them to incubate overnight for natural fertilization.

ICSI is another one that involves the injection of sperm into each egg to overcome male factor infertility or when the testicular sperm are used. As soon as the egg and sperm are combined, the embryologist will wait for a few hours to determine, if the fertilization has taken place.

Embryo Transfer

Embryo transfer is the last and final step of the process that is done successfully in IVF clinics in Varanasi. You have to search for the right one, mainly one where IVF training is also provided. Make a contact as per your requirement and get the right solutions.

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