A Few Tips to Increase the Chances of IVF Success Rate

In Vitro Fertilization is one of the successful ways to become a parent through medically rich pregnancy. It is an ideal process for those who can’t conceive naturally. You can make IVF in Varanasi successful in the first attempt and save more (you don’t have to spend on more attempts) to speed up your journey towards completing your family.

Here are a few important tips that will surely increase the success rate and provide you with the right solutions to get success in the first attempt. It will be better to stay in touch with professionals and also know about IVF treatment costs which will be lower if you follow these tips. First of all, you are advised to know about the recognized IVF clinic in Varanasi as they differ on various topics like conditions, in which the embryo develops, techniques used, doctors, and previous records. You are advised to know about the pregnancy ratio per embryo transfer and its success rate for couples as on their age and fertility problems. You are advised to know about the cost of the procedure and their record of successful pregnancies.

No Ejaculation for 3-4 Days

Increasing sperm count is important and avoiding ejaculation for three to four days will augment sperm count. You should desist from intercourse and masturbation. It will be equally important to get semen analyzed before the process as the sperm quality can change over time.

Focus on Plenty of Fats to Add to Your Diet

Eating food that is rich in monounsaturated fats will help women get pregnant through IVF methods. Such fats are helpful for your heart, lower inflammation in the body, and improve fertility. You are advised to eat plenty of food rich in such fat as nuts and seeds, sunflower oil and olive oil, and avocados.

Meditation Can Help In Keeping You Fit

The fact cannot be denied that stress can affect the reproductive system and lessen the chances of IVF success. Meditation will be the right way to improve your chances and success rate of IVF. There are also varied other tips that will surely help you in increasing the success rate of IVF in Varanasi. Some of them are the following:

  • You are advised to avoid low glycemic index foods, alcohol, and caffeine.
  • Stay in touch with your counselor to clear your doubts and come out of your fears.
  • Avoid Vigorous Exercise to keep your fertility level maintained. Heavy exercise can cause implantation failure and pregnancy loss.
  • Sleep at least 7-8 hours to stay healthy and fit. Sleeping in total darkness helps in regulating the melatonin levels in the body to improve your physical and emotional well-being.
  • Maintain a Healthy Weight as your BMI or Body Mass Index can influence your chances of IVF success.
  • Quit Smoking and take the prescribed supplements.

It will be better to stay in touch with doctors at a recognized clinic. Don’t forget to know about the IVF treatment cost in Varanasi.

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